What is a Mentor?

Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

What Is A Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced and trusted student who enjoys helping others. They go above and beyond to extend a helping hand, and a mentor wants to make sure that every child has the same opportunity that they have. They create friendships and build safe spaces for kids around the planet. Mentors want to make sure that friendship works to make sure that the students can learn things that mentors know, and along the way, they gain friendship, inspiration, and happiness.

"The Greatest Gift of Life is Friendship..."
hubert H. Humphrey


The students that the mentors teach, get inspired by the fact that they can make a change in the world, and we are creating a medium in which students can learn and teach mentors internationally.


The Mentors that we have make sure that there is a correlation between friendship and education, which means that as we grant happiness and inspiration, the mentors also teach the children academics, and extracurricular activities.