What We Do

Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

What We Do

Little Mentors help to build a creative and fun atmosphere for students internationally and locally. Our goal is to spread the voice of happiness everywhere and to create a global platform in which kids can meet and learn from each other. We will strive our best to provide a helping hand in having them live with hope and live their life to the fullest potential.


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Spreading hope and bringing smiles to kids is our obsession. To do this, we will raise awareness, fundraise, collect supplies, and send educational videos to support kids in a lack of a decent education. Little Mentors is a program designed and run by children while having guidance from adults.


We were founded in 2019 to create an equal opportunity for all students around the world. 

Our organization is a group of amazing people striving to provide educational support around the globe.

Little Mentors is an organization that is helping to create a good source of inspiration and education for those in need of it. The concept is that kids (mentors) will impart happiness and create a global platform where kids can interact.