Teddy Talks

Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

Teddy Talks

Finally, a place for children to learn and be inspired. Teddy Talks was created because, we wanted to have a place where people can inspire others.

How it Works

We will have people from across the world send in videos of themselves talking about their life and experiences. We will then publish those videos to our website and social media. There will also be a live-streamed event on March 7. This event will be 100% free, but donations are accepted. Sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button, to get the information on how the live stream will work. You can sign up to join the zoom, or you can watch the event live on Youtube! ( The Sign Up Button is currently down, but will be back up mid February)

Who Will Be There?

For our next event, we do not have a full list of speakers yet.

In our first-ever Teddy Talks, we interviewed Peter Buffet, Reut Ringel, and Jenn Halweil.

At our second ever event, we interviewed Holocaust survivor Alice Sondike. 

You can view both of these on our youtube channel or by clicking the button below.


No, this event is 100% free. However, donations are accepted and greatly appreciated. Where do your donations go? Right now, we have recently partnered with a school in Antigua. They have low PPE and it is hard to get it near them. We have raised money to buy them Masks, Face Shields, Hand Sanitizer, and more. With your help, we can continue to get the supplies and to all of our other schools.

How You Can Help?

On the call, there will be a  Q & A period. At this time, the Little Mentors will be asking our guests questions. However, these will be your questions. Fill out the question form by clicking the “Ask Question” button below. Then if your question is selected, you can hear it asked to live!