Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

- Est. 2019 -

Little Mentors Portfolio

Community Service Projects

Here at Little Mentors, we value the importance of helping others. The importance of our fundraisers is that we appreciate the kid’s interaction and happiness, which is essential to our programs. We like helping around the community but also helping people across the globe.



What We Do

We strive to offer a friendship that provides happiness and inspiration for those in need of it. We want to inspire others with happiness and hope they do the same. Our goal is to create a global platform in which a mutual relationship can be created so that everyone learns in the process.

Contacted Schools in India and Brazil. Plus an Orphanage in Costa Rica

Raised More Than 1,000 Books For Variety and over 2,500 Books for BookSmiles

Held Events at The Ronald McDonald House to Spread the Voice of Happiness

Made Videos to Support, Teach, and Build A Friendship with Students Internationally and Locally

Join Little Mentors

If you would like to join Little Mentors, you can send an application to get started, by press “Get Started” below. 

You Can Become a Mentor

By becoming a mentor, you will be helping students who do not have a reasonable education so that they can have one. Also, by becoming a mentor, you will spread happiness to hundreds of students in impoverished countries. To find out more about becoming a mentor, visit our Get Involved section of the website. 

“Education is the foundation upon in which we build our future.”

Christine Gregoire