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Ways to Get Involved

Become a Mentor

People of all ages can help with their knowledge and guidance. It's free to join. Please click on the link below.

Sign up your School or Organization

Sign up your school or organization for being part of Little Mentors. If you would like to get help from our wonderful mentors’ team, please sign up. It’s free and easy. Email us via the "Contact Us" Page.

Help us spread
the word

You can be part of the development of an organization!! If you would like to take action, contact us at

Video Exchange Platform

The Video Exchange Platform allows international and local schools to engage students to learn, teach, and inspire. To communicate between the “mentors” and the "mentees," we are utilizing a video platform as our interface.

Video Blogs

Submit a 90-120 second video teaching a trick, a motivational message, or a skill that can educate, motivate, or inspire kids around the world!

Start your video with "Hi, my name is ________, I am a part of Little Mentor's and my topic is…. ” When your done, email your video to