Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

We have made 300+ friends!

Who is it for?

Little Mentors aim to create relationships locally and internationally so that mentors can learn mutually and gain insight into international cultures and issues. As an organization, we are in contact with students in Costa Rica, India, Brazil, and Philadelphia. With these people, we have been able to, directly and indirectly, empower the students and ourselves. With the continuation of our organization, we hope to get in contact with many more schools.

Kids Help Kids...

It is hard for many young kids to understand different prospects in learning without proper teachings from “their kind.” The reason we have kids teaching kids is that we hope that kids across the world will be able to connect better with other kids.

What we love is what we teach...

As an organization, we aspire to empower other children, while additionally learning together through the platforms we provide. Across the world, we hope to empower other children to show us their hobbies, while we, in turn, provide ours.