Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally

Children Who Live Uneducated

It is our responsibility to fill in that gap. With your help we can make bigger strides towards this goal.

Who is it for?

Little Mentors aims to create educational videos and impart happiness in different parts of the world. Some areas are going through terrible retributions and live in impoverished areas which make many to have volatile personal lives. With Little Mentors we strive to change that, so everyone can live their life to the fullest.

Kids Help Kids...

It is hard for many young kids to understand different prospects in learning without proper teachings from “their own kind.” If kids teach kids, different hobbies and things they love can be spread throughout the world in a positive understanding.

What they love is what we teach...

The hobbies that the mentors haveĀ are shared with many others that share the same interests. We can inspire and teach others the things we love to others that are longing for the same opportunity to be able to achieve the same status in the things they love.