Meet the Founding Members

Kids Helping Kids Locally and Internationally








Junior Adivisory Liaisons

Armaan Gupta


Jesse Sklar

Head Technology Liaison

Asher Boiskin

Fundraiser and Event Planner

Karina Gupta

Chief Public Relations Officer

Gia Gupta

Head of Social Media and Publication

Our Mentors


 A tabla enthusiast , soccer player and math genius who loves to help kids.


A soccer player and also plays piano, loves to read books and she also loves to help people make problems into solutions.


A violin performer and gymnast who loves talking to kids and solving their problems


A vocal and flute performer who understands what kids need and can help them get through their daily hurdles.


Athira is an artist that loves to draw, paint and sketch. She also loves math and to helping kids. She will do what ever it takes to solve a problem.


Jesse Sklar is a robotics enthusiast and loves to help kids that aren’t as fortunate


Avishai loves to play and create new Lego master pieces. He cares for people who need help and those who are struggling

asher profile


Asher Boiskin is a person who loves to do community service projects.

Our Mentors

Mark Tran

Mark Tran loves to do projects with his friends and family that aspire to help less fortunate people. He wanted to join Little Mentors because he wanted to help unfortunate students in impoverished areas around the world.


Sehaj Varma

Sehaj Varma is 12 years and she was born in Chennai India.  Her hobbies include to draw and to sing.

Crystal Yeh

Crystal Yeh is 13 years old. She is in 7th grade and she loves playing tennis and volunteering at her church. Some of her hobbies include, the arts, reading and writing, and helping to make a change. She always goes out of her way to help people. And she always 

Gina Liu

Gina is a multi-faceted, rounded character who has an interest in sciences, art, and music. Not only does she love to learn, but she has a good heart. She loves to share what she knows with others around her and Gina advocates for the advancement of knowledge and education.

Jaden Hoopes

Jaden loves to draw and or make video edits in his free time. He also loves to do theatre, and loves to show his showcase his dancing skills thugh performing. He currently is in a play at his school.

Our Philosophy is simple. Kids can provide the best help to other kids and in process of helping kids, kids are helping themselves. Also, we feel that giving a helping hand and hope is more important than any materialistic thing. We would love to see smiles on the faces of kids being helped and the ones helping. 

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